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Many students find that the hardest part of the college application process is narrowing the list of schools and programs to which they apply. If you’ve decided that you want an academic program that incorporates faith-based values into its curriculum, and you’re also considering completing your degree at least partially online, our Christian college and university directory will help you find the program that suits you.

You can narrow your college search by selecting from the filters provided to find the best program for you. Limit your search results by degree and certification type, full-time or part-time availability, and current enrollment level. You don’t have to sacrifice flexibility in order to attend a school that meets your demand for faith-based education.

Explore the Benefits of an Online Christian Education

Students may choose to attend online Christian colleges for a variety of reasons. The first and most obvious is that opportunities for spiritual growth are uncommon in the world of online education. Like their brick-and-mortar equivalents, online Christian colleges make student development and engagement a high priority. At both the graduate and undergraduate level, these schools offer students more ways to connect with their peers in fellowship. Students can choose to participate in online faith-based student organizations or optional on-campus classes and programming. Such networking opportunities can be a real attraction for Christian college applicants, especially for online students who have attended secular schools in the past and found it difficult to connect with other students.

Whether you are looking for courses to supplement your current degree program or considering enrolling in a distance learning program full time, you’ve come to the right place to begin your search. Our comprehensive directory of online Christian colleges and universities will help you find the learning opportunity that is right for you.

Discover Your Degree Options at Christian Colleges

From literature to accounting to cosmetology, online Christian universities offer all the degrees and specializations you would find in a liberal arts college or other professional school. Christian universities, both online and offline, pride themselves on producing well-rounded, highly qualified professionals. If you’re looking for a college experience comprised of equal parts high-quality academics and tight-knit community and spiritual growth, a Christian school is a good choice for you.

Whether Catholic or Protestant, universities affiliated with Christianity have long been associated with academic rigor and excellence. Some of the oldest and most prestigious colleges in the U.S., including Harvard and Princeton, were founded by Christian missionaries and scholars, while many excellent schools like Georgetown University and Xavier University were founded by Catholic Jesuits. While these universities were originally committed to preparing students for lifelong careers in public ministry, today’s Christian schools are also focused on improving student access to values-based liberal arts educations. Students are neither required nor expected to pursue a career in Christian ministry, although it is an option at many online Christian schools. Graduates of Christian colleges and universities go on to become leaders in every field, from high finance to medicine.

Understand How Christian Colleges are Accredited

Both the Christian and secular online schools you will find here are fully accredited degree-granting institutions. That means they have been accredited by one of six regional U.S. accreditation agencies approved by the Department of Education.

You may notice that some of the schools appearing in your search results have only received partial accreditation for a few major programs. This usually only means that the school is newer and that full accreditation will be granted pending a full review. Be sure to ensure the specific degree program you are considering is already accredited before you move forward with the application process.

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Total Students Enrolled:

227,741 in 2011

+5% (2009)

Total Degrees Awarded:

45,642 in 2011

+6% (2009)

Average Tuition & Fees:

1,128,658 in 2011


+10% (2009)

1,128,658 in 2011


+10% (2009)

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School Degree Levels Accreditation More Info
Abilene Christian University Graduate Certificate, Master's SACSCOC See Profile
Amridge University Master's, Bachelor's, Associate, Doctorate SACSCOC See Profile
Arcadia University Bachelor's, Graduate Certificate, Associate, Master's, Doctorate MSCHE See Profile
Ashland University Master's, Graduate Certificate, Bachelor's, Associate, Graduate Other NCA-HLC See Profile
Augsburg College Master's NCA-HLC See Profile
Barton College Bachelor's, Master's SACSCOC See Profile
Belhaven University Master's, Associate, Bachelor's SACSCOC See Profile
Bethany Theological Seminary Master's NCA-HLC See Profile
Brigham Young University-Idaho Associate, Bachelor's NWCCU See Profile
Buena Vista University Bachelor's, Master's NCA-HLC See Profile
California Lutheran University Master's, Doctorate, Bachelor's, Graduate Certificate ACSCU See Profile
Central Bible College Associate NCA-HLC See Profile
Cincinnati Christian University Master's NCA-HLC See Profile
Clarkson College Graduate Certificate, Master's, Bachelor's, Associate NCA-HLC See Profile
Concordia University-Ann Arbor Bachelor's, Master's NCA-HLC See Profile
Concordia University-Chicago Doctorate, Master's, Graduate Certificate, Bachelor's NCA-HLC See Profile
Concordia University-Irvine Bachelor's, Master's ACSCU See Profile
Concordia University-Portland Master's, Doctorate, Bachelor's NWCCU See Profile
Concordia University-Saint Paul Master's, Bachelor's, Graduate Other, Associate, Graduate Certificate NCA-HLC See Profile
Concordia University-Wisconsin Master's, Associate, Doctorate, Graduate Certificate, Bachelor's NCA-HLC See Profile